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Guinean Youth

Alpha Kabine Baro promise to make the Guinean youth’s health, education, safety, and availability of regulated employment a priority.    My first priority is to improve the overall infrastructure of the educational systems throughout Guinea.   I believe that improving the education of our youth is a key to breaking the cycle of poverty and idleness that consumes our youth.  Because many of the Guinean youth do not attend secondary school and have dropped out to work (to contribute to the household), gather water and essentials necessary for survival, the majority of them lack the basic skills needed to thrive financially.  These children are forced to continue in a life of poverty, under-employment, and low-wage employment.  

Below are listed, but not limited to, immediate changes to be implemented.

  • Mandatory Secondary School attendance or otherwise approved continued education of all Guinean Youth under the age of 18.  We will introduce year-round schooling with quarterly, concentrated, focus on English.  We want every Guinean to be fully equipped and prepared to excel and compete in industries throughout the world.  English being the international business language of preference, we believe it necessary that our children be able to speak and comprehend it fluently as a second language to their native tongue.   
  • Child labor laws that will prohibit minors to work more than 25 hrs/week
  • Child Abuse Law that protects the right of each Guinean child from abuse on all levels (to be defined, but to include physical, sexual, mental abuse)
  • Minimum Wage Pay that will be set to protect minors from being exploited by ensuring fair wages
  • Government Funded Programs that will provide mentoring, tutoring, extracurricular activities, counseling, English classes (writing & speaking), life skills, child protection services, and housing assistance
  • Government Assistance Programs that will provide financial aid and assistance for the use of food, housing, and medical
  • Full Health Benefits government funded for ALL minors


Guinean Women

 Alpha Kabine Baro, believes that God created women to be loved, honored, respected, and treated as equals by man.   All women will be granted and ensured equal rights and opportunities for employment and education.  Our goal is to finance programs that will help reduce inequality by educating both men and women on the importance of Women and the protection of their rights.  We will make huge efforts to promote, demand, and ensure both the safety and respect of the Guinea Woman.     Those who violate and ignore such efforts will be punished accordingly.  Our Aim is to open the doors of opportunity to women in areas such as business and land ownership, trade, industry, and government.   Alpha Kabine Baro, has begun his movement of advancing the Guinea woman by selecting Mabinty Sanoh, as a Vice President in NGPG.  We will  aid in the development and construction of modern health centers to both educate and respond to the different hygiene issues of Guinean women in conjunction with all of our citizens. We has great concern for the forced practice of Female genital mutilation (FGM) and will eradicate all such practices.  We will also implement government funded programs that will aid and assist the Guinea woman with needs such as food, childcare, housing etc.  Our goal is to strengthen, educate, esteem, and advance the Guinea Woman.  We believe that such efforts will increase the overall well-being of every Guinean.   

Military & Detention Reform

The Reformation of the prison and military detention centers are a high priority of Alpha Kabine Baro, who believes that prison should be a place of correction, rehabilitation, training, and education.  It is factual that the majority of the world’s prison systems do not function at the level to meet international standards for the treatment and care of Prisoners.  In Guinea, the relevant international obligations and standards have been reported and documented as deliberately disregarded.   This is why the Reformation of the Prison systems are a high priority.

His plan for prison reform begins with partnering to build the country’s first prison training center for corrections officers and administration.  The Center will educate and train the prison faculty, correction officers, guards, and administration personnel on the human rights dimension, which will include training on the rights of prisoners, supporting civil society to provide free legal aid to detainees, and educating youth on the importance of staying out of jail.  The training center’s purpose will be to help the Guinean prisons to develop competent and capable corrections officers and managers.

Alpa Kaine Baro’s sole mission is to improve the over-all prison conditions, provide human rights and rule of law training, and increase awareness of, and protection for, the rights of detainees.  Alpha Kabine Baro believes that, despite the prisoners short-comings and discretions, every prisoner is a citizen that is entitled to be treated humanely and with dignity.  He is dedicated to increasing the capacity of police units, magistrates, and clerks to protect prisoners’ rights; inform detainees about their rights; and improve civil society’s ability to advocate for improvements in the legal framework for detainee rights and to educate prisoners about their rights. Alpha Kabine Baro will implement the development of a new prison infrastructure and management of safe, secure, and humane correctional systems that meet international standards and norms.

This reform will address and correct issues such as but not limited to:



-Malnutrition due to deprivation of food and water; proper administration and food distribution (All Prisoners will have access to an adequate water supply will be fed a mandatory 3 balanced meals a day.)  

-Maintenance of sanitation and personal hygiene conditions

Denial of fair trial

Lengthy pretrial detention and indefinite detention, including of political prisoners




Health, and general wellness are also top priority among the list of issues to be addressed for our country.  The stabilization of the health care system will be first amongst our priorities.  We will partner to rebuild people’s trust in the healthcare system and improve the quality of services offered at hospitals.  Alpha Kabine Baro believes that Health Care Coverage is an unalienable right of every person.  He will introduce a new amendment to the Constitution that emphasize the concept of a health care system built around the principle that all citizens will receive all “medically necessary and hospital physician services.”  There will be NO cost-sharing for the health care services guaranteed under the new federal law.  Alpha Kabine Baro’s ultimate goal for the Guinean Citizens is to develop our country into a safe and healthy country of economic stability and equal opportunity.  



Alpha Kabine Baro, being an United States Marine Gulf War Veteran, knows and understands that the importance of both honoring and properly rehabilitating our soldiers who fight to protect our lives and ensure our liberties.  He will implement government-funded programs that will offer numerous benefits, resources, and services to help Veterans transition (psychologically and physically) from service to civilian jobs and to enhance or fund their college education, skills, and careers.

-All Veterans, disabled and unemployed, will be entitled to full health benefits until death (including spouse and minor dependents).


-Veterans injured while active will receive permanent, monetary compensation.


-He will provide government assistance loans to Veterans who meet the requirements start small business


10% of all government contracts will be issued to Veteran majority-owned companies


Transitional Living Accommodation will be provided to disabled Veterans, single mothers with kids and singles who were discharged honorably for the allotted transitional period.