Guinean Women

 Alpha Kabine Baro, believes that God created women to be loved, honored, respected, and treated as equals by man.   All women will be granted and ensured equal rights and opportunities for employment and education.  Our goal is to finance programs that will help reduce inequality by educating both men and women on the importance of Women and the protection of their rights.  We will make huge efforts to promote, demand, and ensure both the safety and respect of the Guinea Woman.     Those who violate and ignore such efforts will be punished accordingly.  Our Aim is to open the doors of opportunity to women in areas such as business and land ownership, trade, industry, and government.   Alpha Kabine Baro, has begun his movement of advancing the Guinea woman by selecting Mabinty Sanoh, as a Vice President in NGPG.  We will  aid in the development and construction of modern health centers to both educate and respond to the different hygiene issues of Guinean women in conjunction with all of our citizens. We has great concern for the forced practice of Female genital mutilation (FGM) and will eradicate all such practices.  We will also implement government funded programs that will aid and assist the Guinea woman with needs such as food, childcare, housing etc.  Our goal is to strengthen, educate, esteem, and advance the Guinea Woman.  We believe that such efforts will increase the overall well-being of every Guinean.