Alpha Kabine Baro, being an United States Marine Gulf War Veteran, knows and understands that the importance of both honoring and properly rehabilitating our soldiers who fight to protect our lives and ensure our liberties.  He will implement government-funded programs that will offer numerous benefits, resources, and services to help Veterans transition (psychologically and physically) from service to civilian jobs and to enhance or fund their college education, skills, and careers.

-All Veterans, disabled and unemployed, will be entitled to full health benefits until death (including spouse and minor dependents).


-Veterans injured while active will receive permanent, monetary compensation.


-He will provide government assistance loans to Veterans who meet the requirements start small business


10% of all government contracts will be issued to Veteran majority-owned companies


Transitional Living Accommodation will be provided to disabled Veterans, single mothers with kids and singles who were discharged honorably for the allotted transitional period.