Military & Detention Reform

The Reformation of the prison and military detention centers are a high priority of Alpha Kabine Baro, who believes that prison should be a place of correction, rehabilitation, training, and education.  It is factual that the majority of the world’s prison systems do not function at the level to meet international standards for the treatment and care of Prisoners.  In Guinea, the relevant international obligations and standards have been reported and documented as deliberately disregarded.   This is why the Reformation of the Prison systems are a high priority.

His plan for prison reform begins with partnering to build the country’s first prison training center for corrections officers and administration.  The Center will educate and train the prison faculty, correction officers, guards, and administration personnel on the human rights dimension, which will include training on the rights of prisoners, supporting civil society to provide free legal aid to detainees, and educating youth on the importance of staying out of jail.  The training center’s purpose will be to help the Guinean prisons to develop competent and capable corrections officers and managers.

Alpa Kaine Baro’s sole mission is to improve the over-all prison conditions, provide human rights and rule of law training, and increase awareness of, and protection for, the rights of detainees.  Alpha Kabine Baro believes that, despite the prisoners short-comings and discretions, every prisoner is a citizen that is entitled to be treated humanely and with dignity.  He is dedicated to increasing the capacity of police units, magistrates, and clerks to protect prisoners’ rights; inform detainees about their rights; and improve civil society’s ability to advocate for improvements in the legal framework for detainee rights and to educate prisoners about their rights. Alpha Kabine Baro will implement the development of a new prison infrastructure and management of safe, secure, and humane correctional systems that meet international standards and norms.

This reform will address and correct issues such as but not limited to:



-Malnutrition due to deprivation of food and water; proper administration and food distribution (All Prisoners will have access to an adequate water supply will be fed a mandatory 3 balanced meals a day.)  

-Maintenance of sanitation and personal hygiene conditions

Denial of fair trial

Lengthy pretrial detention and indefinite detention, including of political prisoners