Guinean Youth

Alpha Kabine Baro promise to make the Guinean youth’s health, education, safety, and availability of regulated employment a priority.    My first priority is to improve the overall infrastructure of the educational systems throughout Guinea.   I believe that improving the education of our youth is a key to breaking the cycle of poverty and idleness that consumes our youth.  Because many of the Guinean youth do not attend secondary school and have dropped out to work (to contribute to the household), gather water and essentials necessary for survival, the majority of them lack the basic skills needed to thrive financially.  These children are forced to continue in a life of poverty, under-employment, and low-wage employment.  

Below are listed, but not limited to, immediate changes to be implemented.

  • Mandatory Secondary School attendance or otherwise approved continued education of all Guinean Youth under the age of 18.  We will introduce year-round schooling with quarterly, concentrated, focus on English.  We want every Guinean to be fully equipped and prepared to excel and compete in industries throughout the world.  English being the international business language of preference, we believe it necessary that our children be able to speak and comprehend it fluently as a second language to their native tongue.   
  • Child labor laws that will prohibit minors to work more than 25 hrs/week
  • Child Abuse Law that protects the right of each Guinean child from abuse on all levels (to be defined, but to include physical, sexual, mental abuse)
  • Minimum Wage Pay that will be set to protect minors from being exploited by ensuring fair wages
  • Government Funded Programs that will provide mentoring, tutoring, extracurricular activities, counseling, English classes (writing & speaking), life skills, child protection services, and housing assistance
  • Government Assistance Programs that will provide financial aid and assistance for the use of food, housing, and medical
  • Full Health Benefits government funded for ALL minors