Guinean Survival

Survival of the Guineans


Alpha Kabine Baro’s vision is to be actively involved in the union of all Guineans around the ideas of peace, social cohesion, economic stability, and solidarity. He is determined to lead Guinea to true democracy and financial Independence as a nation.  He is committed to developing and strengthening the infrastructure capabilities necessary to support advanced commercial activities.  The first step is creating transparency.  We aim to gain back the respect and assurance of other nations.  We will open the doors of Guinea and welcome international corporations and industries that are looking to partner to advance Guinea and create higher paying jobs and career opportunities within the country.  

Alpha Kabine Baro understands that electricity and access to clean water are non-negotiable and will provide the necessary infrastructure to ensure that those basic needs are made available to each Guinean.  We are, immediately, looking to partner with international Industries and organizations to properly develop the infrastructure necessary to remove barriers that impede sustainable energy development.   We will unlock and utilize all possible forms of substantial wind, solar, hydropower, natural gas, biomass, and geothermal resources in Guinea.   Our Goal is to provide Light, Electricity, and personal access to Clean Water throughout the entire country of Guinea.  These advancements will allow Guinea to aid in supplying our neighboring countries with equal access to energy and clean water, and ultimately the entire continent.

The safety and security of every Guinean, and law-abiding, citizen will be the key priority of our Government.  Everyone has a right to feel safe in their home and in their community. When that safety is threatened, those responsible will face a swift and effective response.  It will be the responsibility of our reformed criminal justice system to deliver that response: punishing offenders, properly rehabilitating offenders, protecting the public and reducing reoffending.  It is only then, that we will be able to, confidently, ensure the safety of our citizens.

Health, and general wellness are also top priority among the list of issues to be addressed for our country.  The stabliization of the health care system will be first amongst our priorities.  We will partner to rebuild people’s trust in the healthcare system and improve the quality of services offered at hospitals.  Alpha Kabine Baro believes that Health Care Coverage is an unalienable right of every person.  He will introduce a new amendment to the Constitution that emphasize the concept of a health care system built around the principle that all citizens will receive all “medically necessary and hospital physician services.”  There will be NO cost-sharing for the health care services guaranteed under the new federal law.  Alpha Kabine Baro’s ultimate goal for the Guinean Citizens is to develop our country into a safe and healthy country of economic stability and equal opportunity.