The country has a lot of opportunities, the land is bountiful and there are many crops. The wet season brings heavy rainfall and there are multiple rivers that highpoint in Guinea. Hydroelectric power has been untapped and has the potential to bring electricity to the western side of Africa.   

With Over one-half of the world reserves in bauxite, over four billion metric tons of high-grade iron ore, multiple diamond and gold deposits and an undetermined quantity of uranium recently found, the economic and social development of this country has tremendous benefits and a lot of upside.

Agricultural farming employs roughly 75% of the country’s working population. There is a large demand for crops to yield a large harvest, and the people depend on farming to eat and feed, their villages. The land that is available could be improved via water systems and just made overall more efficient and could prove to provide the population with more food than they currently get with unregulated traditional farming techniques.

The annual rainfall average in Guinea is roughly 400 inches, a majority of which coming in the capital of Conakry and the forest region. We believe, that with the support of every Guinean and the partnering of other great countries we can find our place in the world among the most prosperous and cultivating, creating a better life for the people of this country and by bringing something bigger than ourselves to the people of this planet.