Water & Electricity

Alpha Kabine Baro understands that electricity and access to clean water are non-negotiable and will provide the necessary infrastructure to ensure that those basic needs are made available to each Guinean.

Guinean Youth

I, Alpha Kabine Baro promise to make the Guinean youth’s health, education, safety, and availability of regulated employment a priority.


Alpha Kabine Baro, being an United States Marine Gulf War Veteran, knows and understands that the importance of both honoring and properly rehabilitating our soldiers who fight to protect our lives and ensure our liberties.


The country has a lot of opportunities, the land is bountiful and there are many crops. The wet season brings heavy rainfall and there are multiple rivers that highpoint in Guinea.

Prisoner Rights

Baro’s Views On Prisoner Rights

December 10, 2017

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December 10, 2017

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