Guinean Survival

Alpha Kabine Baro’s vision is to be actively involved in the union of all Guineans around the ideas of peace, social cohesion, economic stability, and solidarity.

Water & Electricity

Alpha Kabine Baro understands that electricity and access to clean water are non-negotiable and will provide the necessary infrastructure to ensure that those basic needs are made available to each Guinean.


Alpha Kabine Baro Promises equitable justice for all in the Republic of Guinea and In Africa.  He is going to work hard to create a government that fairly represents all citizens of all ethnicities across Guinea.   

Guinean Youth

I, Alpha Kabine Baro promise to make the Guinean youth’s health, education, safety, and availability of regulated employment a priority.

Military & Detention Reform

The Reformation of the prison and military detention centers are a high priority of Alpha Kabine Baro, who believes that prison should be a place of correction, rehabilitation, training, and education.

December 10, 2017

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December 10, 2017

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