Military & Detention Reform

The Reformation of the prison and military detention centers are a high priority of Alpha Kabine Baro, who believes that prison should be a place of correction, rehabilitation, training, and education.


The country has a lot of opportunities, the land is bountiful and there are many crops. The wet season brings heavy rainfall and there are multiple rivers that highpoint in Guinea.


Health, and general wellness are also top priority among the list of issues to be addressed for our country.  

Guinean Youth

I, Alpha Kabine Baro promise to make the Guinean youth’s health, education, safety, and availability of regulated employment a priority.

Administration Audit

The path for this country towards greatness has some steep but manageable issues. Guinea’s history of corruption and lack of trust from other nations is holding back the development of possible progress on roads, hospitals, schools, and advanced technology used to increase general efficiency.

December 10, 2017

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December 10, 2017

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